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Pimentón de la Vera

another treasury…
smoky spicy burnt orange zing crackle toast to late autumn… (paprika is my favorite; smoked paprika is the bomb).


Pimentón de la Vera by Alicia Grega on Etsy.

summer kisses, winter tears

Really loving this original polymer clay piece I threw on at the last minute today.
I made the leaves with summer beach scenes in mind but the bleached colors look sweet in winter light as well, methinks.


whiskers on kittens

Seems like the front page of Etsy gets “whiter” every time I look at it.
Inspired by the white modernist sculpture I featured, I decided to literally create a collection of white on white, focusing on texture, with a holiday gift theme.

Whiskers on Kittens:

ScrantonMade: Introducing ScrantonMade Artist Alicia Grega of SubVerse Aphrodesia

Thanks to ScrantonMade for this beautiful piece and forthcoming opportunity!

ScrantonMade: Introducing ScrantonMade Artist Alicia Grega of SubVerse Aphrodesia.

destination, tranquility

New Subverse Aphrodesia earring design prototype for fall/winter.

Czech glass and copper on hand fashioned silver filled ear wires with light violet patina.

Considering oxidation in lieu of patina for smoother finish.

Also in yellow (electric), white (purity), and green (abundance).

(Not the best lighting in this pic (the faceted rondelle is notably more luminous & matches the triangle better), but you get the idea.)

Vintage-inspired Cocktail Hats & Fascinators

Round one of my most recent creating binge.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

These are all currently available for sale- although I have had some general interest, no one specific piece has been claimed yet.
I’m not positing them on my Etsy site at the present time because I’m terrified to ship them.
I was holding out to get one of my daughters to model for me but that hasn’t happened yet and I can’t wait to show you what I’ve made.
I’m hoping I can get some of our lovely volunteers for the Providence Speakeasy to pose for me tonight. I’ve got some more simple hair clips coming and probably another fascinator or two with the leftover black and red feathers I picked up for a commission.
Let me know if you have any questions.




What a fantastic term!
There’s definitely an escapist quality in creating these dreamscape boards that gives us a comfortingly pure and beautiful place we’d rather be than our real lives.
Yes, my life may look like this, but in my fantasy world where I have control and in which money is abundant — my life would look like that.

In other words. don’t judge me by what it looks like I am in this real world our physical bodies occupy — but look at what I identify with… these things beyond my grasp that are more true to how I see myself. Tell me how much you admire what I want to be. What I wish I was.


There’s a German word for it, of course: Sehnsucht, which translates as “addictive yearning.” This is, I think, what these sites evoke: the feeling of being addicted to longing for something; specifically being addicted to the feeling that something is missing or incomplete. The point is not the thing that is being longed for, but the feeling of longing for the thing. And that feeling is necessarily ambivalent, combining both positive and negative emotions.

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