The idea that any woman is speaking for her entire gender every time she opens her mouth is idiotic.
Men don’t speak for all of mankind- they speak for themselves.

that they were brave enough to speak as women without speaking for the whole gender is admirable and nearly impossible in a society that demands ideological consistency from women who self-identify as feminist or otherwise.

via Time to Catch a New Wave?.

The fact of the matter – no matter how much it may infuritate and frustrate – is that we are judged by our appearance with an unjust weight. The day a woman can wake up, throw on yesterday’s suit and run out the door for work with no make up on and not be treated with scornful, questioning sideways glances, or doubts about her ability once she arrives at the office, is the day we can say that cosmetic concerns are trivial.

This is something that we’ve been forced to struggle with as we watch our teenage daughters spend hours of their precious youth applying completely unnecessary and too-expensive makeup and hair product.
The double standard smacks us in the face with each year we age — as the number of men who find us a sexual option decreases, will we be taken more seriously or will we just be ignored, assumed to be out of touch and unfashionable because we’ve learned comfort is more fun than the constant pressure to always be desirable?

All tastes and political inclinations and goals and dreams aside — this is what unites us.

If you’ve chosen to live to live outside society’s judgement, I commend and envy you. Unfortunately, I learned to too late that life really is a popularity contest, that is, if you want to make an impact in the world. And this is true for men and women alike (although what makes men “cool” is significantly different from what makes women “cool.”) My colleagues and I can make theater that no one will see or can cultivate support for our work. In a town like Scranton, that means surface likeability — the first impression that makes people want to be associated with you — backed up second by substance that matters. -ag