OK, Dolly, I’m not denying there’s a certain romance about the notion of freewheeling lifestyle but GLAMOUR? Those hobos you’re talking about from the ’20s-’40s didn’t go to burlesque shows. They didn’t have disposable income because they didn’t have jobs. That’s why they were riding the rails. They weren’t out celebrating freedom — although its true some wouldn’t be tied down if their life depended on it — they were looking for work so they didn’t starve to death. Sometimes they even had families"back home" who were starving while waiting for money to be sent home.

Such is the danger of trendy.





Burlesque group to host holiday honoring hobos
"We often perform to older music, from the ’20s, ’30s and ’40s, and I wanted to hold a big event that threw back to that time period and the glamour of riding the rails and hobo life," Derringer said.