Nice collection of examples of the aesthetic collected here.  

Is it the search for authenticity and substance beyond style that has resulted in so many examples of this trend?

You know, that "anything to distance myself from Heidi Montag" mentality.

Immediately after 911 there was a great sentiment expressed toward simplyifying our lives. Abandoning our materialistic consumption for a more pure, equanimous lifestyle. The powers that be quickly assuaged our guilt by reminding us that in order to save the economy we had to be good shoppers, but in the back of our minds we remember.

We know why they hate us and even if we insist freedom is being allowed to have while others have not, the idea of downplaying our wealth is an attractive one. Maybe if we don’t look like spoiled rich brats they’ll stop picking on us.




Rather than dwelling on the depressing nature of the vagabond lifestyle, which has traditionally been a subject ignored by the market, some brands are now using it as a source of inspiration. The fashion industry, especially, has turned the idea of destitution into a direction of styling that many have labeled as “hobo-chic.”